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Dancing with the Stars Trivia Quiz
(answers at bottom of page)

1. Judge Len Goodman is known for his expertise in what style of dance?

A Hip Hop
B Ballet
C Salsa
D Ballroom

2. Who won season 2 of Dancing with the Stars?

A Jerry Rice
B Drew Lachey
C Lisa Rinna
D Stacy Keibler

3. Contestant Lance Bass came from which Boy Band?

A 98 Degrees
B Backstreet Boys
C Nsync
D New Kids on the Block

4. Who won season 4 of Dancing with the Stars?

A Apollo Anton Ono
B Ian Ziering
C Laila Ali
D Joey Fatone

5. Who won season 3 of Dancing with the Stars?

A Emmitt Smith
B Joey Lawrence
C Willa Ford
D Mario Lopez

6. Professional dancers Cheryl Burke & Julianne Hough have each won twice on DWTS.

A  True
B False

7. Rocco DiSpirito is best known for his profession as a:

A Professional dancer
B Director
C movie actor
D chef

8. Who won season 1 of Dancing with the Stars?

A Joey McIntyre
B Trista Rehn
C Kelly Monaco
D Rachel Hunter

9. This celebrity contestant is best known for her Grammy winning single

A I Will Always Love You
B My Heart Will Go On
C We Belong Together
D Unbreak My Heart

10. This season was the first time contestants had to prepare 2 routines for the first show.

A True
B False

11. This lovely lady can not only dance, but she also makes us laugh. The oldest celebrity contestant on DWTS is how old?

B 82
C 80
D 74

12. This contestant, an Emmy Award winning actress, is best known for her role on which soap?

A General Hospital
B All My Children
C The Bold & the Beautiful
D Days of Our Lives

13. For the first three weeks of season 5, what former celebrity winner co-hosted DWTS?

A Emmitt Smith
B Apollo Anton Ono
C Kelly Monaco
D Drew Lachey

14. What celebrity contestant had to leave the show in season 7 due to an injury?

A  Lance Bass
B  Ted McGinley
C Misty May Treanor
D Kim Kardashian

15. Who won season 5 of Dancing with the Stars?

A Jennie Garth
B Marie Osmond
C Hilio Castroneves
D Mel B

16. Who won season 6 of Dancing with the Stars?

A Shannon Elizabeth
B Kristi Yamaguchi
C Jason Taylor
D Mario Lopez

17. Professional DWTS dancers Edyta Sliwinska & Alec Mazo are married.

A True
B False

18. Cody is the youngest star to ever dance on DWTS. What show is he known for being on?

A High School Musical
B The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
C Hanna Montana
D Cody in the House

19. This celebrity contestant is a retired NFL defensive tackle for which two teams?

A Washington & Chicago
B Tampa Bay & Oakland
C Philly & San Diego
D Atlanta & New England

20. Who is the youngest female Professional to be on Dancing with the Stars?

A Cheryl Burke
B Julianne Hough
C Lacy Schwimmer
D Edyta Sliwinska




1.D,    2.B,    3.C,    4.A,    5.A,    6.A,    7.D,    8.C,    9.D,   10.A

11.B,  12.B,  13.D,  14.C,  15.C,    16.B,  17.A,  18.C,  19.B,  20.B


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